Enterprise Risk

Risk Management

Enterprise Risk

Truly effective risk management is led from senior management and provides a consistent, appropriate and measured approach to the risks and opportunities throughout the organisation

We all saw the effects of poor enterprise risk management in relation to the financial crisis of 2007 and the failure of so many retailers who had failed to understand the potential risks in the financial climate and the strategic risks (and opportunities) which were presented by the significant increase in sales of goods through online platforms.

Establishing appropriate frameworks for risk decision making and reporting lines within an organisation is an important part of running a successful and sustainable business.

At Erskine Murray we will work with you as a business to understand your appetite for risk and assist with establishing appropriate frameworks for managing risks.

We can assist in a range of areas including:

  • Advice and guidance on establishing a formal risk management framework
  • Facilitating risk management workshops
  • Collating data and preparing risk registers to assist with management of risk within the organisation
  • Advice on guidance on risk treatment areas

Whilst we can assist in many areas; ultimately decisions on the level of risk to which any organisation wishes to accept rests with the leaders of the organisation. There are areas of risk where more specialist advice will be required.


Risk Management Solutions

Risk Reduce

The first stage in improving risk management within an organisation is to fully understand the risk profile of the business

Health and Safety

We understand that good safety management is about much more than basic compliance and having relevant documentation.

Business Continuity

In recent studies it is proven that following a major disruption two out of five businesses fail to recover.

Property Protection

A fire, flood or other event that would cause property damage can be the most devastating to any business.

Motor Fleet Risk

The most dangerous task with the highest risk most of us will undertake at work will be driving our vehicles.

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If you would like to talk more about your Risk Management needs please contact David.

David Plowman AIIRSM

Risk Management Executive

Who do I


David Plowman AIIRSM

Risk Management Executive

Business Insurance

With expert teams in each division of our insurance company, we will deploy the right personnel, relevant to your business needs.

Employee Benefits

Have you considered an Employee Benefits package? Such a policy can help you attract and retain a highly skilled and dedicated workforce.