Business Continuity

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Business Continuity

In studies it is proven that following a major disruption 2 out of 5 businesses fail to recover.

Business Continuity is an area which can often be improved upon by businesses.

Whilst many organisations may have disaster recovery plans in place to deal with the immediate effects of an interruption, they may well not have analysed the underlying threats and controls in place.

Erskine Murray Risk Management Services would work with you on the preparation and review of any plans in place helping to ensure that there is an effective Business Continuity Management System in place which genuinely would support the business in the event of a significant interruption.

All our advice is based around the Business Continuity Institutes (BCI) Good Practice Guidelines 2018. We are able to offer a level of service relevant to your own internal resource, appetite and budget.

Our services include:

  • Training and provision of templates
  • Managing risk workshop identifying priority activities and processes
  • Facilitating Business Continuity Management meetings
  • Completion of reports on data gathering
  • Emergency Procedure Preparation
  • Business Continuity Responsibilities Training
  • Assistance with deciding upon risk treatment measures
  • Plan Completion
  • Devising and undertaking desktop scenario testing


Risk Management Solutions

Risk Reduce

The first stage in improving risk management within an organisation is to fully understand the risk profile of the business

Health and Safety

We understand that good safety management is about much more than basic compliance and having relevant documentation.

Property Protection

A fire, flood or other event that would cause property damage can be the most devastating to any business.

Motor Fleet Risk

The most dangerous task with the highest risk most of us will undertake at work will be driving our vehicles.

Enterprise Risk

Risk management is led from senior management providing a consistent, appropriate and measured approach.

Who do I


If you would like to talk more about your Risk Management needs please contact David.

David Plowman AIIRSM

Risk Management Executive

Who do I


David Plowman AIIRSM

Risk Management Executive

Business Insurance

With expert teams in each division of our insurance company, we will deploy the right personnel, relevant to your business needs.

Employee Benefits

Have you considered an Employee Benefits package? Such a policy can help you attract and retain a highly skilled and dedicated workforce.