12 July 2018

Welcoming Rebecca Milioto to Erskine Murray.

We are delighted to announce Rebecca Milioto as the latest addition to the Erskine Murray team. Rebecca joins us to manage the Employee Benefits department of the business, find out more about Rebecca below.

What is your role at Erskine Murray?
I am Head of Employee Benefits and responsible for further enhancing the service to our customers in this specialised area.

Do you have a particular niche/insurance specialism?
Yes, Group Risk, which is becoming much more of a must have for clients, with absence levels of staff at record highs. Clients often have little knowledge of how to support individuals back to work after a period of illness, with most employers not having a HR function. We will show them the benefits of Group Income Protection and how this can change the dynamics of managing absence into a productive and motivated workforce, meaning the company can focus on its core business.

What attracted you to the role at Erskine Murray?
Its a very positive and progressive company, I feel absolutely inline with the company values and strategy and believe I will have the opportunity to flourish in this exciting role.

What skills and experiences can you bring to the role?
I have worked in financial services for 17 years and have acquired many qualifications that will absolutely assist in the role, including a diploma in Financial Services. I’ve mentored colleagues and had a clear focus on new business targets in the past. I feel I am a natural born hunter, having always been a top performer, and having been given the opportunity to attend many useful and insightful conferences and incentives abroad in Monaco and Sardinia.

What are your personal objectives?
To expand the size of the department and to absolutely improve the service to our clients. We will aim to present specialised products that will serve to eradicate associated risks and make a real impact to their businesses.

Before working at Erskine Murray, what was the most unusual or interesting job you have ever had?
I haven’t had any unusual jobs, as such, as they have always been financial services. However, I was a Financial Planning Manager at HSBC when I just turned 21 years old, which was the youngest they had ever employed for this role.

How would you describe yourself as an individual?
Highly motivated, energised, always up for a challenge and intuitive.

Sum up your role in three words
Sky’s the limit!

If you require an Employee Benefits package or Group Risk scheme for your company, Rebecca would be delighted to help. You can view more information about our Employee Benefits packages, by following the link below:

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