11 December 2019

Welcoming Judy Vincent, Erskine Murray’s Head of South-East Region

As part of our business transformation journey, we have recently launched a regional-based strategy to expand our presence. With a proven history of leading business growth and supporting teams through change management, we are delighted to announce that Judy Vincent has joined Erskine Murray as our Head of South-East Region; you can find out more about Judy below.

As Erskine Murray’s Head of South-East Region, what does your role entail?

My role is centred around running the South-East region office and ensuring that our clients benefit from a joined-up and holistic approach to client services. A large part of my role is looking at how we can expand our client base, while simultaneously looking for improvements and expansions to our products and services to ensure we are able to continually meet our clients’ varying and ever-evolving needs.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I like to work collaboratively within a team as I firmly believe that a team’s diversity and ideas give a better base on how to deliver the best client services. Our people are our biggest strength - they know their clients and what they want to see and this is a powerful way in which we can continually improve. I am also able to take an entirely objective view to see where improvements can be made.

What first attracted you to Erskine Murray as a company?

The role itself first interested me and when I spoke with Alan and Tom, I could see that this opportunity would be both very interesting and a good challenge. It was clear that they wanted to develop, innovate and push the business forward while placing and keeping clients at the centre, at all times.

The information on the website, Erskine Murray’s marketing materials and word of mouth recommendations were also very positive and this was appealing to me. I liked their style and vision for the future, and the focus on growing the business was something that resonated with me.

What are the key skills that you bring to your role?

I have been in broking for over 20 years now, and prior to that I was an underwriter so I have been working within the financial services industry for over 25 years. Over the years, I’ve looked at a range of clients and demographics of product offering and this has helped me to acquire a deep understanding of how to develop businesses and facilitate growth. I’ve looked after both big and small teams in the past and have supported them through periods of extensive change. I think the skills I’ve learnt will be essential as we continue with Erskine Murray’s business growth journey.

What is the culture like at Erskine Murray?

I would say it’s open, honest and there’s lots of integrity. Erskine Murray have a good reputation within the industry and I wanted to work with someone with that kind of profile and approach to client services, so their culture definitely played a huge part in me joining the team.

How would you describe yourself as an individual?

I am a confident and very open person and I like to work with people and to be a part of a team. I’m not someone who wants to be the one who does everything on their own, so being a team player is definitely one of my strengths. I like to help people to develop - for our clients, that’s making sure that we can meet their needs and expectations. For our team, I like to encourage personal growth and development, so I would say I am a nurturer.

What can clients expect to see from Erskine Murray in the future?

There will be sustainable development - Erskine Murray is forward-thinking and we are constantly looking at the landscape of the market and the needs of our clients to ensure that we can remain at the forefront. We will also be continuing to innovate and remain abreast of the market’s movements, which will stand us in good stead to keep in front of the curve.

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