06 November 2019

Welcoming David Plowman, Erskine Murray’s Risk Management Executive

We are delighted to announce that David Plowman has joined Erskine Murray to lead our Risk Management service. With an impressive array of experience, David has established a rich understanding of how to effectively and efficiently manage risk; you can find out more about David below.

As Erskine Murray’s Risk Management Executive, what does your role entail?

My role is to support our clients in relation to their risk management needs. This includes a wide range of areas and covers the operational and hazard risks that all businesses face; I help in many areas of risk management, not just those where we are providing insurance products. Risk management and insurance broking are highly compatible disciplines. The purpose of insurance is to transfer a business’ risks to another party; risk management works alongside this to control and mitigate the risks to prevent the likelihood of risks occurring and to reduce their severity.

What led to you specialising in risk management?

I started my career in insurance as an underwriter but always had the desire to understand businesses better from a risk perspective and to work in a non-office based situation. I was fortunate enough to gain a place on an intensive training course in risk management and throughout my career I have worked for some great companies and with some interesting and challenging clients from a vast range of industries.

Having worked in risk management for nearly 20 years, I have always enjoyed the challenges presented and it is one of those roles where you never stop learning as every client is different in some way.

What first attracted you to Erskine Murray as a company?

When considering working for a business, ethics is always the first and foremost consideration for me and the professionalism and client focused approach at Erskine Murray appealed. There is also a lot of change currently in the insurance broking market with many mergers and acquisitions - working for a strong, independent broker with a national presence was a perfect fit for my aspirations of implementing an effective risk management service.

How would you describe your approach to client service?

Whatever work I undertake has to be of real value to clients; it is important that whatever I deliver works for each client within their approach to business, risk tolerance and operational systems. I am also a great believer in keeping things simple and effective - more often than not, simple improvements can be embedded into an organisation’s culture and will make a positive change, whereas overly complex items will not be effectively implemented and are often forgotten about.

During your extensive experience, has there been a significant shift in the landscape of risk management?

There are always subtle changes in risk management as we react to the external factors which affect business risk. One of the more major changes is a move towards more positive risk management rather than compliance and defence-led risk controls. Often when considering risk management I may be looking at behaviours and culture for positive risk management impact such as documentation aimed at the user and ensuring that risk procedures are fully embedded within an organisation’s culture.

What are the key skills that you bring to your role?

In addition to the expected technical knowledge and experience, one of the key skills I bring to my role is the ability to communicate effectively in relation to listening and understanding what needs to be done and how possible solutions are presented. I always make the effort to understand a business to ensure that any work is in line with their risk appetite and culture.

What is the culture like at Erskine Murray?

With Chartered status and the level of experience within the team, there is a highly professional culture in place centred around ensuring we provide the best service to our clients. Everyone is motivated and challenged to achieve good results.

What can clients expect to see from Erskine Murray’s risk management services in the future?

I am always looking at new ways to innovate and work more efficiently; we continue to make huge advances in technology and this is likely to be where significant developments will occur. I will also be continuing to prepare information bulletins on current risk topics and I am working on a number of other ways to connect with clients and promote risk management discussions.

How would you describe yourself as an individual?

I like to think I empathise with people well; honesty and integrity are my most important values. I also believe it’s important to make a positive impact on people you meet and life in general - I’m passionate about helping others, I enjoy meeting new people and I relish a challenge.

If you would like to find out more about how Erskine Murray can support your risk management requirements, please get in touch with David on 07487 359942 or at [email protected]