16 July 2020

Forward thinking ensures business as usual at Erskine Murray

It’s been very much business as usual at Erskine Murray throughout the period of lockdown, with teams from all four offices working from home, continuing to provide our usual high level of service.
This was due in no small part to the forward thinking of our Finance Director, John Adey, who, a couple of years ago, formulated a Business Continuity Plan, ensuring Erskine Murray would be able to continue working, with no break in service, in the event of a pandemic or other major catastrophe occurring.
John takes up the story:

“Two years ago, we instigated a number of changes. This included all key members of teams working from laptop, utilising their mobile phones, and linking our telephone platform to their laptops. This Business Continuity Plan ensured that, in the event we were unable to work from our offices, we could continue to provide a seamless level of service to clients, with full access to all markets and products.”
John’s foresight proved to be fortuitous. As the pandemic struck and the Government instigated lockdown, all Erskine Murray’s teams instantly began working from home, using their laptops and mobiles, linked to the telephone platform, ensuring work continued as normal.
“The system has worked well,” says John. “Obviously, we’ve had to be a little more flexible, taking into account the care element of members of staff with young children, but overall, the Business Continuity Plan has proved to be 100% effective and we would hope clients haven’t noticed any difference in the level of service provided.”
All documents have been generated electronically and sent via email, using secure portals, and, where clients have requested paper copies, our teams have done their best to accommodate requirements. As a result of the Business Continuity Plan, very few of our staff have been furloughed, with the vast majority working remotely from home.
Moving forward

With lockdown easing and businesses starting to open, we are currently carrying out risk assessments at each of our offices. Our risk assessor is calculating how many members of staff can be safely accommodated at each location, following Government guidelines for people to remain two- metres apart. All four sites will be assessed by the end of June, with a decision made early to mid-July as to which members of staff will return to work.
There may possibly be regional differences, depending on any coronavirus resurgence. For example, Leicester is currently on lockdown, with the number of positive cases still well above the rest of the country. As this is the location of our head office, we are monitoring the situation daily and will act in accordance with Government directives. We will also continue to monitor the situation in our other three locations, in the North West and South East, and act accordingly.
For clients relying on Erskine Murray’s services, the message is simple: it’s business as usual. Whether we return to the office or work remotely, all our teams will continue to provide the highest levels of service, providing fast response, up-to-the-minute advice and our usual high levels of expertise and market knowledge.
Please get in touch if you require assistance with any aspect of insurance, particularly if you have changed your business model or working practice as a result of coronavirus and want to ensure you are adequately insured.