Tradesman Insurance

SME Insurance

Tradesman Insurance

There are thousands of different trades in the UK, with thousands of tradesmen all needing the right insurance products to protect them in the face of financial and legal difficulties.

Erskine Murray are a leading business insurance broker, working with a broad range of insurance providers to offer policies specific to your trade. We can help you to tailor your insurance cover to suit your business, whether you are a sole trader or a larger company.

Business Insurance for Tradesmen

There are several different insurance policies which may be suitable for tradesmen, however as every business is different, these may not apply to all trades. Our team here at Erskine Murray can help you to put together the right level of cover and the policies which will fit your business needs the most.

Public Liability Insurance: this is one of the most essential covers for tradespeople, covering your legal liability for accidental injury or property damage claims made against you by customers, the public or other third parties.

Employers’ Liability Insurance: whilst many tradesmen operate as “one man band” type businesses, many do employ staff including sub-contractors, labourers and apprentices. It is a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance if you employ any staff, even if they are casual or part time. This covers you should an employee be injured in the workplace or fall ill due to the work they do for you.

Insurance for Tradespeople

Other types of insurance might be appropriate for your trade, including:

  • Personal accident insurance: to cover you against serious injury or even death whilst you work
  • Tool insurance: this is highly popular for tradesmen, as it covers your work tools against loss and damage
  • Business buildings cover: this can protect your business premises, including any fixtures and fittings
  • Business interruption insurance: this can help you to get back to work again should your business be unable to operate for a length of time due to an unexpected event such as a fire or flood.

SME Insurance by Sector

Professional Indemnity

Often referred to as 'PI', a profession-based risk management package.


Our package covers every single trade. Simple, effective and delivered by the same or following working day.

IT Contractors

From basic repairs and builds through to emergency cover, your clients call on you for your expert knowledge and skill.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption insurance, also known as BI, is a much-misunderstood cover which can often be overlooked by small business owners.

Tech Start Up Insurance

Here at Erskine Murray, we make it easier for you to cover and protect your business with several appropriate policies packaged together.

Business Owners Policy Insurance

An enhanced business insurance policy which combines property insurance alongside general liability insurance.

SME Insurance

Our SME insurance package solutions cover commercial insurance to professional indemnity.

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If you would like to talk more about your SME Insurance needs please contact Rob.

Rob Marshall

Head of SME

Who do I


Rob Marshall

Head of SME

Employee Benefits

Have you considered an Employee Benefits package? Such a policy can help you attract and retain a highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

Professional Indemnity

Our PI arm are specialists in providing PI insurance for architects, consulting engineers and the construction industry.