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Tools Insurance 

For many workers, their tools are the most important equipment they own, allowing them to carry out their work effectively and safely.

If they are lost or damaged, it can cost a great deal to replace them and there may be a lengthy gap before you are able to continue working again. With tools cover, bought through Erskine Murray, you can protect yourself against the risk of losing your tools to theft, damage or loss.

Tool insurance can be added on to other appropriate business insurance policies, such tradesman policies.

Insurance for Tools & Equipment

Tools can be expensive to buy and replace, so it is important for tradespeople to think about the tools they rely on for their work each day and what they would do should something happen to their tools. The loss of essential tools can lead to turning away work simply because you do not have the tools available to carry it out. Some insurers allow you to purchase tools insurance as a stand-alone policy, however it may be included within a business insurance policy or can be added on as an optional extra cover to a policy. Many individuals add tool insurance to other policies such as public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and contents insurance and to ensure they are fully covered before they go out to work. 

Here at Erskine Murray, we can help you to find the right business insurance policy to suit your business needs including tool insurance to protect your important tools from theft, loss or damage.

SME Insurance by Sector


Our package covers every single trade. Simple, effective and delivered by the same or following working day.

IT Contractors

From basic repairs and builds through to emergency cover, your clients call on you for your expert knowledge and skill.

Contractors All Risk

Whilst all construction sites are different, there are still common risks and threats shared by them all.

Manufacturing Insurance

All types of manufacturing involve complex processes which require specialist insurance to protect against day to day risks faced.

Salon Insurance

For the salon owner, it is important that all the risks of running a successful salon are covered by the right insurance more

Tradesman Insurance

With thousands of different trades in the UK, Erskine Murray can help tailor individual insurance products specific to your needs.

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If you would like to talk more about your SME Insurance needs please contact Rob.

Rob Marshall

Head of SME

Who do I


Rob Marshall

Head of SME

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