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Scaffolders Insurance

Scaffolders may be used to working at height and in dangerous environments, but the unique set of risks involved with the industry means it is important to get the correct insurance cover to protect not only your business, but yourself and your clients.

Erskine Murray are a leading independent insurance broker, working with a wide range of insurance providers and underwriters, allowing us to help you to create the right combination of insurance policies to match your needs and requirements.

Insurance Policies for Scaffolders

There are several insurance products which can be important for the scaffolding trade.

  • Public Liability Insurance is a key choice for scaffolders, in case someone is injured or their property is damaged because of your business. There are a range of different levels of public liability insurance available to protect you against this cost.
  • Employers’ Liability Cover is a legal requirement for all businesses which employ staff. Whether the staff are temporary, part time, full time or contractors, employers’ liability cover can protect you against the cost of claims arising from your staff should they become seriously ill or injured as a result of working for you.
  • Personal Accident Insurance is a good idea for any trade within the construction industry, as it covers covers medical costs as well as any lost earnings in the event of a serious injury. As scaffolding naturally carries a higher risk, personal accident cover would be able to help should the worst happen.
  • Business Equipment Insurance or tools insurance may also be a beneficial policy for those in scaffolding, especially if the scaffolding equipment belongs to your business. This type of cover can protect against loss or theft of your equipment, as well as accidental damage.

Can general building work be included in scaffolders insurance?

Yes general building work can often be included in a scaffolders insurance policy. Please check with us here at Erskine Murray to get the right blend of insurance products to suit your needs.

Can scaffolding equipment be covered?

Yes it is possible to add equipment insurance onto your policy which can cover your scaffolding equipment. This can include cover for when the scaffold is being put up and taken down, the poles and boards as well as your tools.

Are scaffolding sub contractors covered under the employers’ liability policy in the same way directly employed staff are?

It is possible to have cover for different types of staff on your books. It is important to declare how many members of your workforce are employed as it can affect how the risks are calculated.

SME Insurance by Sector


There are several different insurance policies for tradesmen, as every business is different, these may not apply to all trades.


We understand being a Bricklayer is tough work. We can help provide the necessary insurance to keep your business safe.


Engineers need insurance for a wide range of scenarios and risks including accidents, injury and damage to equipment.

Civil Engineering

For those working at height, extreme depth, working with asbestos or working at other high-risk locations.


If they are lost or damaged, it can cost a great deal to replace them and there may be a lengthy gap before you are able to continue working again.


The media and marketing industries can be vulnerable to claims of negligence for what are in fact basic errors.


The insurance needs for warehouses can be very specific, with different warehouses requiring different levels of insurance.

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If you would like to talk more about your SME Insurance needs please contact Rob.

Rob Marshall

Head of SME

Who do I


Rob Marshall

Head of SME

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