Rent Protection Insurance

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Rent Protection Insurance

If you are a landlord, you always run the risk that at some point your tenants will not pay their rent.

It can happen to even the most careful landlord, even if you employ a letting agent and are thorough with your checks and references.

Your tenant can easily fall on hard times, especially in the current economic climate, with employment not always as certain as it once was. Landlords can also struggle to make ends meet, so if your tenant defaults, this can cause many more problems. Would you always be able to cover your own outgoings should your tenants fall behind on their rent? What about covering the legal costs to try to recover the arrears?

Protect Your Rental Income

Rent protection insurance (sometimes also referred to as rent guarantee insurance), can offer a safety net for landlords. The policy can cover the rent should your tenant default. Depending on the policy, and on the length of your tenant agreement, your cover can be for six or twelve months and the cost is tax deductible against your rental income. Most policies will pay up to a specified amount per claim.

Many policies allow you to put in a claim when a tenant is one month in arrears, however, most policies will not allow you to put in a claim within 90 days of setting up your policy. It is always better to take out your rent protection insurance sooner rather than later!

Landlord Rent Guarantee Insurance

Rent Guarantee Insurance is a valuable insurance policy for many landlords who want rental income protection. Landlord insurance with rent guarantee and legal expenses is a perfect combination for any professional or residential landlord, providing cover if your tenant defaults and fails to pay the rent on your property.

If you get into a legal dispute with your tenant, perhaps over eviction, rent collection or damage to your property, it can prove very costly and time consuming. Legal expenses insurance can help protect you from the costs of defending a legal claim and can fund your legal expenses as a landlord. Some rent protection insurance policies already include legal expenses cover, however it is a good idea to speak to a member of our team to choose the right level of protection to suit your individual needs.

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For property owners, investors or developers, single property to portfolio's, we have the solution.

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For property owners, landlords and associations, we deliver a policy that covers all related risks.


Including buildings, contents, liability, unoccupied and rental protection.

Business Buildings Insurance

Business building insurance cover for the building you run your business from, covering you from repairs and rebuilding costs.  

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Rob Marshall

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