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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance is an absolute essential insurance for many businesses, offering protection against compensation claims if clients, suppliers or members of the public suffer personal injury or property loss because of your business.

Erskine Murray work with a wide range of insurance underwriters to provide public liability insurance policies for all sorts of business types.

Whilst having public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, most businesses choose to take out a policy. It is particularly useful for those businesses who interact with the general public. Most shop owners, tradesmen and restaurant or café owners choose to take out public liability cover but seeing as the vast majority of businesses come into contact with the public at some point, it can be a useful option for many businesses.

Business Public Liability Cover

Public liability covers your business against compensation claims and legal costs should a third party suffer injury or property damage whilst on your premises or whilst you are working at their property. There are a range of different things which are covered by public liability insurance.

Typical public liability policies cover:

Compensation payments for third party injury or death

Repair or replacement costs for damaged property

Medical fees

Legal expenses for defending these claims

Erskine Murray have access to a wide network of insurance providers, so the actual cover can vary. Speak to a member of our team today to begin finding the right cover for your business.

How much public liability cover is needed?

The amount of public liability cover can vary depending on the work you do and whether you are required to have a certain level of cover. Most insurers offer between £1 million and £10 million, with higher limits available by purchasing excess public liability insurance. You need to think about the potential size of compensation demands when you choose your limits, with some injury awards now reaching as high as £50 million. It is also a good idea to check with your potential clients to see if they expect you to hold a specific amount of cover. For example, many government or local authority contracts ask for suppliers to hold between £5 million and £10 million public liability insurance as a minimum.

SME Insurance by Sector

Shops and Offices

From office blocks and home offices to hairdressers, florists and newsagents, we cover the entire scope of this sector.  

Commercial Combined

With so many areas of risk to consider, we guide you through the process of selecting the cover that you require to protect your business.

Charity Insurance

Running a charity, social club, community group is a highly rewarding endeavour ; it also comes with a unique set of risks.

Food and Drink Insurance

Food and drink industry continues to rapidly expand in the UK including a huge variety of different risks to be aware of.

Manufacturing Insurance

All types of manufacturing involve complex processes which require specialist insurance to protect against day to day risks faced.

Retailers Insurance

Running any shop, whether it is a small specialist business or a large high street fashion store throughout the UK.

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If you would like to talk more about your SME Insurance needs please contact Rob.

Rob Marshall

Head of SME

Who do I


Rob Marshall

Head of SME

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