Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Any business or individual providing services, advice or guidance upon which third parties rely should prioritise obtaining suitable Professional Indemnity Insurance from a broker. Our Maldon Office, are specialists in providing PI insurance for architects, consulting engineers and the construction industry.

The intent of a Professional Indemnity Insurance cover policy is to protect the policy holder in the event that professional services (advice/guidance/design etc) provided cause a third-party to suffer a financial loss. The majority of policies will cover the third party’s financial loss but also the costs (for example legal, expert fees) incurred by the policy holder in defending/settling claims.

Any business or individual offering specialist advice/guidance, or marketing themselves as having a greater than normal degree of knowledge in a specific area may be liable to a third party, if that third party suffers a financial loss as a consequence of relying on that advice. It is worth noting that payment for the advice/guidance does not necessarily need to have been received for liability to occur.

Typical features of Professional Indemnity cover would include:

  • Civil liability insurance coverage arising from breach of professional duty
  • Coverage for dishonest, fraudulent or malicious acts by former or present employees
  • Unintentional breaches of copyright or confidentiality
  • Loss of or damage to documents in the custody and control of the policy holder
  • Compensation for court, arbitration, adjudication attendance
  • Criminal Prosecution Defence Costs.

Professional indemnity insurance is arranged on a ‘claims made’ basis meaning it’s the policy in force at the time of notification of a claim that responds. The cause of the claims may have occurred months or even years before. Continuing to maintain business insurance cover is vital as by lapsing cover or reducing the scope/level of cover might leave the policy holder exposed.


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The Architects Registration Board (ARB) requires Architects to have adequate and appropriate cover.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Prioritise obtaining suitable Professional Indemnity Insurance from a specialist broker.

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