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Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance is a type of insurance which can cover the cost of compensation claims should someone be injured, or their property damaged by a product you have sold.

In some situations, you might be liable even if you did not actually make the product. Product liability insurance can pay legal fees ad compensation costs if someone sues you for injury or damage. You are most likely to be liable to pay these costs if you manufacture the products you sell, but you might even be liable if the manufacturer cannot be traced, has gone out of business or is not within the EU.

Product Liability Insurance Quotes

Erskine Murray are a leading independent business insurance broker, working with a wide range of insurers to provide a range of different insurance products to suit your business. We can help you to buy product liability cover as a stand alone product, or as part of a wider public liability insurance policy. It can also be combined with other business insurance policies such as professional indemnity cover. There are some key differences between product liability insurance and public liability insurance; namely that product liability is specifically related to an item you have made or supplied. Public liability is to cover you for damage or injury caused as a result of the day to day running of your business. This is why the two go hand in hand!

Who Needs Product Liability Cover?

Whilst product liability cover is not a legal requirement, it is a good idea for anyone who designs, manufactures or supplies physical products which are sold or given away. This is because you could be liable for any damage or injury caused by faulty products.

You might be legally liable if:

  • Your name is on the product
  • Your business has repaired or made changes to the product
  • You imported it from outside the EU
  • You cannot clearly identify the manufacturer
  • The manufacturer has gone out of business

SME Insurance by Sector

Shops and Offices

From office blocks and home offices to hairdressers, florists and newsagents, we cover the entire scope of this sector.  

Commercial Property Owners

For property owners, investors or developers, single property to portfolio's, we have the solution.

Business Owners Policy

Business Owners Policy, is an enhanced business insurance policy which combines property insurance alongside general liability insurance.

Food and Drink Insurance

Food and drink industry continues to rapidly expand in the UK including a huge variety of different risks to be aware of.

Manufacturing Insurance

All types of manufacturing involve complex processes which require specialist insurance to protect against day to day risks faced.

Retailers Insurance

Running any shop, whether it is a small specialist business or a large high street fashion store throughout the UK.

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If you would like to talk more about your SME Insurance needs please contact Rob.

Rob Marshall

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Who do I


Rob Marshall

Head of SME

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