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Manufacturing Insurance

All types of manufacturing involve complex processes which require specialist insurance to protect against the insurable risks faced during day to day business.

Erskine Murray know that one size does not fit all for manufacturing insurance, and your insurance requirements must meet the needs of your business. We work with a carefully selected group of insurance providers to tailor your manufacturing insurance to your specific needs.

Most manufacturing insurance policies are made up of several different covers to ensure complete protection for your business. Generally, manufacturing insurance will cover buildings, machinery, stock and raw materials, as well as offer protection for your staff, clients and other trading activities.

Insurance for Manufacturing Business

The types of insurance which are suited to the manufacturing business can differ depending on the exact needs of your business, however, the typical policies may include:

  • Liability insurance: to protect you against accidental injury or damage to third party property. This can include public liability as well as employers’ liability cover, which is a legal requirement for those who employ staff.
  • Business Interruption cover: this can provide you with cover for loss of income that you may suffer following a disaster. This allows you to get back up and running again without losing out on your income.
  • Product liability insurance: this can be arranged to cover your trading activities, so if a product causes injury or damage, you can be protected against claims for compensation.
  • Machinery and equipment: it is important to cover your machinery as this is an essential part of your business operation! Protection against accidental damage and breakdowns can minimise the financial risks if things do go wrong.

Manufacturing Industry Insurance Policies

Erskine Murray are a leading independent business insurance broker who can help you to find the right insurance products to suit your business needs. For manufacturing and wholesalers, we can put together a package of insurance covers to best fit your specific needs and requirements. Speak to a member of our business insurance team today to get started and discover how Erskine Murray can help you to protect your manufacturing business.

SME Insurance by Sector

Commercial Property Owners

For property owners, investors or developers, single property to portfolio's, we have the solution.


Whether you are a small independent bakery, or a larger chain, it is vital you consider your level of business insurance.

Coffee Shop

There are many risks associated with not only running a successful business, but in serving hot drinks and food to the public.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption insurance, also known as BI, is a much-misunderstood cover which can often be overlooked by small business owners.

Business Owners Policy Insurance

An enhanced business insurance policy which combines property insurance alongside general liability insurance.

Commercial Combined

With so many areas of risk to consider, we guide you through the process of selecting the cover that you require to protect your business.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance refers to the coverage of multiple types of business insurance

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If you would like to talk more about your SME Insurance needs please contact Rob.

Rob Marshall

Head of SME

Who do I


Rob Marshall

Head of SME

Employee Benefits

Have you considered an Employee Benefits package? Such a policy can help you attract and retain a highly skilled and dedicated workforce.

Professional Indemnity

Our PI arm are specialists in providing PI insurance for architects, consulting engineers and the construction industry.