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Bricklayers Insurance

Bricklayers often work in high risk areas, whether that is on a large construction site or as a sole trader.

However well trained you are, mistakes can happen and can quickly turn dangerous. With the right insurance policies for bricklayers, you can help protect yourself, your business and equipment from the financial headache associated with claims against you and your work.

There are a great number of risks associated with bricklaying, so it is important that these risks are considered when taking out appropriate insurance policies for this trade. Erskine Murray are a leading independent insurance broker for businesses in all industries and trades, so we can help you to plan the cover which best protects your unique business.

Insurance for Bricklayers

There are several key insurance policies which bricklayers are likely to require. These could be:

  • Public Liability Insurance: Public liability insurance can cover you in case someone is injured, or their property damaged because of your business. There are differing levels of cover to suit your needs.
  • Employers’ Liability Cover: any business which employs staff (employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff are all included), it is a legal requirement to hold employers’ liability insurance. It can cover for claims from employees who have been injured or become seriously ill as a result of working for you.
  • Personal Accident insurance: this is an important consideration for anyone working in construction as it can cover both medical costs and lost earnings as a result of serious injury. Working as a bricklayer, your work environment could put you at risk of injury. Personal accident cover can help you financially should you be unable to work due to injury.
  • Tool insurance: as a bricklayer, your tools are important to your job so it makes sense to protect yourself should something happen to your tools which leaves you unable to work. Most tool insurance can cover against loss, damage or theft.

Bricklayer Insurance Policies

To find out more about the types of insurance which could be a good match for you as a bricklayer, speak to a member of team here at Erskine Murray. As an independent insurance broker, we have access to an extensive bank of insurance providers and underwriters to help you get the right quote for your needs.

SME Insurance by Sector


There are several different insurance policies for tradesmen, as every business is different, these may not apply to all trades.


Engineers need insurance for a wide range of scenarios and risks including accidents, injury and damage to equipment.


Erskine Murray can help you to build out the right insurance policy to take care of the risks your pub faces.


It is important that insurable risks of running a successful salon are covered by the right insurance products.


If they are lost or damaged, it can cost a great deal to replace them and there may be a lengthy gap before you are able to continue working again.


The media and marketing industries can be vulnerable to claims of negligence for what are in fact basic errors.

Public Liability

Public Liability insurance is an absolute essential insurance for many businesses, offering protection against claims.

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If you would like to talk more about your SME Insurance needs please contact Rob.

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Who do I


Rob Marshall

Head of SME

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Professional Indemnity

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