Employee Benefits


Employee Benefits 

Maintaining the wellbeing of your workforce.

We help businesses guide their employees through all kinds of personal, financial and health issues by offering supportive Employee Benefits packages when it is needed the most. We help to maintain a happy, satisfied workforce.

Having an Employee Benefits package in place can:

  • Increase your appeal - Attract and retain highly skilled and dedicated staff
  • Minimise your employee turnover rate - Investing in your employees shows you have their best interests in mind and will encourage them to stay at your company
  • Boost morale - Your employees will feel valued and will in return show loyalty and increased productivity
  • Improve employee wellbeing - Employee Benefits packages encourage preventative measures, reducing the amount of sick days and absence
  • Increase job performance - Healthy, appreciated employees are likely to be more committed.

After undergoing a thorough demands and needs fact-finding process, we will deliver sound advice and thought-out solutions. We offer direct access to a dedicated Account Manager and to experts, such as counsellors and specialist doctors. We are completely transparent and our robust partnership strategy, with carefully selected insurers, allows us to arrange for insurance providers to accompany us to client meetings as and when appropriate.

The Wheel of Wellbeing

Our approach is simple, yet effective

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Group Income Protection

Provides an income to those unable to work long-term due to injury or illness.

Group Critical Illness

A tax-free lump sum paid when a classified critical illness is diagnosed.

Group Life Assurance

Financial support for an employee’s family when they are unable to work.  

Group Private Medical Insurance

Employers and employees can be enrolled into a private medical health scheme.

Meet our

Employee Benefits Team

Vikki Hodgkinson

Cert CII

Employee Benefits Account Handler