01 February 2021

Congratulations to Robert Marshall on becoming a Fellow of the CII

Erskine Murray’s Head of SME & Digital, Rob Marshall, has begun the new year with some very good news, having become a newly elected Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII). The prestigious qualification is known as the ‘premier destination’ for anyone working in insurance and demonstrates the highest levels of commitment, knowledge, experience and professionalism.
Having already achieved the CII Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma, Robert decided he would put the period of lockdown and home working to good use, investing the time he normally spent commuting, in working towards the CII fellowship.
“I have always been passionate about professional development,” he says. “Self-improvement is central to my personal philosophy and I am always looking for ways to expand my horizons and develop myself. Academic qualifications are only one route, of course, but the Fellowship has many interesting elements, including an insightful module on business ethics.”
Having achieved the first module on business ethics, which involved reading a book by a thought-leader in the sector and undertaking a range of case studies to demonstrate the principles at work, Robert then completed a 5,000 word dissertation on a recent project which involved finding an e-trade, digital solution to the firm’s wealth management offering.
Robert’s final task involved completing a Statement of Professional Development, a 1,100 word essay on his personal Fellowship journey, highlighting what he had learned and why he should be selected. He was also required to submit three years of Continued Professional Development (CPD).
In total, it took Robert over 100 hours over a 9-month period to achieve the accreditation.
“It was difficult juggling family life and also being in lockdown,” he admits, “ and there were a few times when I became frustrated with the project. Thankfully, I have wonderful friends, family and colleagues, who were encouraging and made sure I didn’t give up.”
CII Fellowship highlights an individual’s dedication to the insurance industry and commitment to client-centric outcomes, ensuring Robert’s new qualification will benefit his clients in numerous ways. Election to CII Fellowship means upholding the highest code of conduct and best practice principles, with continued development a key overriding principle.
So, what next for Robert? “The process was challenging but very rewarding,” he says, “and in the short term, I want to enjoy some quality family time. But I imagine over the months to come, I may want a new academic challenge. I’m not sure what yet, maybe something random like Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or a new language!”
One thing is sure, Robert will not let the grass grow under his feet, so it’s very much a case of watch this space! In the meantime, it’s a massive well done and congratulations from all the staff at Erskine Murray and our colleagues at PIB Group, who recently acquired Erskine Murray into their stable of leading independent insurance brokerages.